Welcome to Marina Medical, Muizenberg  


Covid-19 has changed our world, I think we can all agree. How Marina Medical functions has, by necessity, changed to try to ensure our patients and staff are kept safe.

If you need to see a doctor, please call the rooms on 021 788 9466 as normal. Your call will either be forwarded to Dr Rene or the receptionist will take your details and the doctor will call you back as soon as possible.

For everyone's safety, please do NOT just come to the rooms. After talking to you on the phone, Dr Rene will discuss if you need to be seen or if she can advise you by phone. 

If you need to be seen by the doctor, you will be given an appointment. Dr Rene is not generally sitting at the rooms if there are no patients booked, so please be aware that  while we remain in a state of alert over Covid-19 it is important to call before coming to the rooms for your safety and ours.

Covid-19 needs to be taken seriously. The Lockdown reflects how serious this virus is. Please do not start to relax your precautions because the conditions of Lockdown have been relaxed.

Social Distancing is an essential part of the fight against Covid-19. If you need to come to the rooms, please respect our staff by keeping a gap of 2m between you and other people at the building - staff and patients.

Face Masks are also vital. A simple mask can reduce the likelihood of transmission of the virus from coughs and sneezes. As we are entering the 2020 Flu season, masks will play an increasingly important role in stemming the spread of the Covid-19 Virus. If you are not wearing a mask, our reception staff may ask you to wait outside until the doctor can see you. This is a precaution for everyone's safety.

The Western Cape is recognised as the hotspot in South Africa for Covid-19 infections. This virus can kill. Unfortunately there is no gentle way to say this. The elderly, very young and anyone with immune response illnesses including HIV and Diabetes is at a higher risk if they contract it. Please make sure you wash your hands thoroughly - "Happy Birthday" sung twice while washing your hands or the use of a 70% or higher alcohol based sanitiser will kill the virus.

It is very important to recognise that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should sanitiser or disinfectant products be swallowed. These substances are poisonous if taken internally. If you think you may have symptoms of Covid-19 then please call the rooms on 021 788 9466 and talk to the doctor. 

May 2020

Marina Medical is delighted to report that Dr Rene Lewin has returned from 3 years in England. She brings with her the benefit of 3 years working in psychiatry in a challenging environment and is eager to be back seeing her Marina Medical family of patients

Dr Adriaanse has left Marina Medical. We wish him well in the future.

March and April were very eventful months. The arrival of Covid-19 has changed the nature of the country and the world, including how medical practices are now advised to work.

Please call before coming to the rooms. Dr Rene will be available for a conversation on the phone and an appointment can be arranged based on that conversation.

We continue to be contracted to most major medical aid schemes, including Keycare, Care Cross and Ingwe. Cash patients are also more than welcome to all the practices.

Please check with your individual scheme what level of dentistry and physiotherapy your scheme will cover before booking your appointment! This will avoid any possible misunderstanding regarding payment.

If you have any general queries, please contact the rooms on 021 788 9466 as normal.

Also, please try to avoid requesting appointments by email as general enquiries are not received by reception and we cannot guarantee your request can be received in time for an appointment.

December 30th 2015

We've had some technical issues with the site recently, specifically regarding updates. We can only apologise for this and say we are doing our best to ensure it is kept to a minimum.

The Marina Medical rooms will re-open on Monday 4th January 2016.

We are pleased to say Dr Denise Labuschagne will be continuing to cover afternoons on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11th January. Time slots are filling fast already, so please call ahead if you can to book to see her. We are hoping, based on the feedback you have given us, that she will be able to become a permanent member of the team

Also having joined us a few weeks ago we are delighted to welcome formally on this site Dr Yazeed Idris, our Opthalmologist, who is available two afternoons a week. Please call Karin at Reception and she will be happy to help with appointments.

We hope everyone has had a Happy Christmas and will have a safe and prosperous New Year in 2016

May 24th 2015

With the problems being experienced due to Loadshedding schedules initiated by Eskom and the City Council we have to regrettably announce that when power is cut during the last TWO hours of trading, 4pm-6pm Weekdays and 12pm-1pm Wednesday and Saturday Dr Lewin and Dr Parker will be unable to offer services during these times due to the need for light in the afternoons. Certain procedures during office hours will also be unavailable where electrical power is essential for the procedure.

The rooms will consequently close early on these days as we are usually unable to use the telephones during this time.

We apologise for any issues this will cause, and will reschedule any appointments accordingly at the first opportunity.

If you have any doubt if your appointment will be adversely impacted please consult area 8 on the City of Cape Town website or Twitter feed. If we become aware of changes we will try to let you, our clients, know as soon as we do to cause the minimum of disruption to you.

Any other queries can be addressed to David by email on   info@marinamedical.co.za


February 18th 2015

We have now updated the "Our Team" page on the site. Please pay it a visit as in addition to Dr Rene's details we now have some information about Dr Raeesa's Dental offerings and Yulana's Physiotherapy practice including services offered. You are welcome to call the rooms for further details or to book appointments with any of our medical staff.

Raeesa and Yulana are now both available for appointments and Inshaaf, our receptionist, will be happy to assist you in making your booking for treatment and, of course, to continue to serve as our front-line point of contact for Rene as well.

February 2015

It is with great delight we are able to welcome Dr Raeesa Parker, a dental practitioner, to Marina Medical. Appointments can be arranged by calling the practice number, 021 788 9466. Raeesa has chosen to move into Private Practice following working for the State service where she has gained invaluable skills which will benefit her patients at Marina Medical.

Also joining us in February we welcome Yulana Stynder, an experienced Physiotherapist, to the center. Her experience and passion for holistic health are a welcome breath of air for us as a practice, as well as a much needed addition to the health sector in the far South of the Cape Peninsular.

Joining us later this month will be Dr Chamendran Naidoo, a Medical Doctor with several years experience. He will be offering non-invasive therapies such as botox and filler services to the community from the premesis. His attitude is very much geared towards the holistic environment we seek to encourage in healthcare from Marina Medical.

As soon as we have the full descriptions and pictures of these three wonderful practitioners their profiles will be available under the "Our Team" section of the site.

In the meantime, we will continue to keep you up to date with changes and improvements to be made to the practice. We are in discussion with a psychologist who is primarily interested in educational and relational areas of psychology, a service much needed in the area, and we will publish updates as they become available.

As always, you are welcome to contact us via email or telephone on the details to the right. As they become available we will add the out of hours cell numbers of the other practitioners.

As far as possible, our practitioners will be contracted to medical aid rates so you can elect to either pay the cash rate on the day and submit to your medical aid personally, or you can allow us to do so on your behalf. Due to the nature of the majority of his work not being recognised as "essential" services, Dr Chamendran's accounts will primarily be apayable on a cash or EFT basis for now. We are looking at obtaining card facilities and hope to have them available as soon as possible as a more convenient payment method for you.

As always, the patient comes first in our practice, and we aim to provide the best possible service for the best possible rates in the area.

January 2015

It is with great delight we can confirm that from February we will be joined at Marina Medical by Dr Raeesa Parker, a great young dentist new to the area who is excited to be adding her services to the center. You can book appointments with her by calling the rooms on the landline number to the right. Please note the cell number is only for Dr Rene. We'll add further contact details as they are available.

We will also be joined by Yulana Stynder, a physiotherapist with a holistic view to treatment. It is a great privilege to be joined by these two exceptional ladies and to be able to offer a comprehensive and holistic healthcare center in the deep South, the first of its kind.

Our psychologist has had to pull out at the last minute due to personal issues, however we are in negotiations with a team including Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Counsellor to replace this vital service to the community. We'll keep the page updated as more details become available.

As we have more information on our new colleagues we will add their profiles to the Our Team page.

Please remember you can still book online through Recomed for Dr Lewin and we will be seeking to add this service to the other practitioners in the center.

December 2014

Due to unforeseen circumstances the physiotherapist who was going to join us in December is no longer able to do so. We will be joined by another physio as soon as possible.

From January we will be joined by a psychologist and a dentist will follow in early February, making us the first such practice in the deep south to offer such comprehensive treatment in one place. All our practitioners ascribe to the concept of holistic treatment - that a person walking into our rooms is more than a simple collection of symptoms. We aim to offer the best possible service at reasonable rates. We are contracted in to most of the major medical aid schemes, but please ask to make sure yours is one of them before confirming your appointment. We are still in negotiation with Carecross options to join their network, but you are welcome to visit as a cash patient while we are getting through this bumpy time.

Our welcome page   now contains a button from Recomed which you can use to book an appointment with us. We will receive an appointment request and will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the date and time of your appointment. We will strive to make this as close to your requested time as possible.


Marina Medical is delighted to welcome Kim Muller, a physiotherapist, to the team from December 1st 2014. The practice will continue to grow with this addition which Dr Lewin and David are very excited about. Her hours are still to be confirmed, but you are welcome to call and we will give you information as it becomes available, take your details and return your call. We will also be talking to Recomed about placing a button for online booking on this site and through their own.

As soon as we have more details about January's additions, adding dentistry and psychology services to the mix we'll let you know.



The Practice of Marina Medical is now open at 21 ATLANTIC ROAD MUIZENBERG,7945!

We have had some teething issues which delayed our opening, and we ask our patients to bear with us while we sort these out on a permanent basis, however we are now availabe for appointments with Dr Lewin.

We are also seeking additional medical and dental practitioners to come on board to turn Marina Medical into a full Medical Centre for all your medical and dental needs. We will keep this site updated with this as it develops including the profiles of other practitioners as they join our team dedicated to bringing you the best quality in healthcare for the best value possible.

All are welcome, and we look forward to seeing you at the rooms!  





It is with eager expectation that we can now announce the opening of a NEW centre for Marina Medical!

The new address will be 21 ATLANTIC ROAD, MUIZENBERG, 7945.

As soon as we have confirmed the telephone number we will publish it here on the site.

The rooms will be next to the old Adams Trading Post, opposite Muizenberg Library. We are very excited about this development and the prospect of being able to finally return to serving the community after the absence we have suffered since January.

The new building is an older converted house, conforms to fire safety standards for the building type and will be opening from 14th July for patients.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty to us during this time. So many people have asked us when and where we will be reopening, and it is truly great to be able to finally give an answer to that question.

We hope that eventually we will be joined by other healthcare practitioners, including a dentist and perhaps a psychologist, but these developments remain unconfirmed at this time. Watch this space for more updates!